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Kia Statement on the Protests in Iran

For Immediate Release                                                               CONTACT: Luke Quandt
January 11, 2018                                                              


Congressional Candidate Kia Hamadanchy Statement on the Protests in Iran


IRVINE, CA—Congressional Candidate Kia Hamadanchy, running in California’s 45th Congressional District, released a statement on the protests in Iran.

“The Iranian people deserve to have a future of their own making and should be free to determine the direction they want their country to go. These protests embody the legitimate economic and political grievances of the people of Iran. The ruling regime beset by corruption has badly mismanaged the country’s economy, continuing to line their own pockets at a time when inflation, unemployment, and economic inequality are at dangerously high levels. We don’t know what will come of these protests or where they will lead, but it is the Iranian people and no one else who deserve the right to decide their own future.

I condemn any and all acts of violence and violations of human rights in the strongest possible terms. According to reports, there have been at least 21 deaths and more than 3,700 arrests, and we should always recognize that this is a regime with an appalling human rights record.

Donald Trump and Mimi Walters have both said that they stand in solidarity with the Iranian people – nothing could be further from the truth. If they really did care about the Iranian people, they would not be actively trying to ban them from coming to the United States. I also do not believe that individuals who have spent decades advocating for a policy of regime change and for war with Iran truly care about the Iranian people.

As an Iranian-American whose family has been directly impacted by the Muslim ban, the solidarity of Donald Trump and Mimi Walters rings hollow. No one knows more about the repression of the Iranian government than Iranian Americans. Many have experienced it first hand and want genuine solidarity and support for human rights. What they do not want is a war and sanctions that punish ordinary everyday Iranians.

On January 12th, Donald Trump faces a critical decision as to whether to renew the waivers of the sanctions as agreed upon in the nuclear deal. Failing to renew these waivers would lead to the collapse of the nuclear deal and will put us back on the path to war. The last thing the United States needs is another trillion-dollar war that will serve only to exacerbate the instability in the region. That is why I urge Mimi Walters to stand for a sensible foreign policy and to use all of her efforts to make the case to Donald Trump for maintaining this deal. I know however that she will not.”

Kia Hamadanchy was born and raised in Irvine, California, the son of Iranian immigrants. A graduate of Northwood High, Hamadanchy received his bachelor’s and law degrees from the University of Michigan before serving as legal counsel to US Senators Tom Harkin (IA) and Sherrod Brown (OH).